About Me


hen I think about all that I do now, and look at my hands as I knit or sew, I think of my mother. She was a great source of inspiration for me growing up. When I was interested in some bit of needlework she was doing, she would show me how to do it. She taught me so well that we could both work on the same knitting project and you couldn’t see where she ended and I began. She taught me everything she knew! And then we took classes together to learn more.

   call myself a fiber artist because I think I have done just about everything dealing with the world of fiber at least once! 

   n college my mother and I took weaving lessons. For me, that lead to dyeing, since the yarns I liked to use were in their natural colors. While working on a crafts degree at the Worcester Craft Center, I fell in love with rug hooking, and started to dye the woolens I used for hooking. When I discovered that we were moving to Asia, and surely a small apartment where my looms would take up precious space, I started taking quilting lessons. And so it has gone for me over the years.

 erhaps had I stayed with just one craft, I would be a master of it (and famous???), but I love how my creative juices flow when I learn something new. I also enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge with others, and developing new classes takes time.

 hanks so much for reading this and please enjoy my website and blog!

Deborah Sutton Moyeshttp://adailydoseoffiber.wordpress.comshapeimage_2_link_0
My soul is fed by my needle & thread.