Design Inspirations


Isn’t this interesting???

Perhaps the lesson here is to wander around your house like you were a guest now and then!

I am designing a hooked rug, hopefully for students in a more advanced rug hooking class. I have looked at many, many images, from actual hooked rugs to needlepoint and cross stitch patterns, Fraktur and crewel designs. The sampler pictured at left with the letters of the alphabet scattered about a bird on a branch is the design I like most at the moment. I have been so compelled by that image and I wondered why.

There are many images and patterns and animals that I consciously collect and that I see:

    Sheep (from years ago when I was a spinner)

    Maneki nekko and zodiac animals from Japan

     & incredibly beautifully embroidered purses from China.

Then I looked around the house when I was re-arranging the family room.......

I did not realize that I collected birds, many of which are on branches! I do know that I like chickens and roosters, but they are often so kitchy and country that I avoid them.

Here  are a few of the birds living in our house.

Subliminal design influences are at work, for sure!

A rough drawing for the rug.

A carved piece from Shanghai

Czechoslovakian vases-

I adore the colors!

Our bedroom wallpaper.

I am thrilled every time I come in the bedroom and see this paper. Thanks to my long suffering husband!

A Contemporary painted tin candleholder and a biscuit tin from Singapore!

A Chinese embroidered purse.

Quite a few of the purses have birds on them!

The carved top of an Indonesian cupboard.

This bird sang to me every time I walked by the store where I bought it in Singapore!

A wall hook.